Corrigendum to article ‘Prevention of Epileptogenesis - A New Goal for Epilepsy Therapy’ Pediatric Neurology, Volume 51, Issue 6, December 2014, Pages 758-759

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      “The work reported in this paper was partially supported by the 7th Framework Programme of European Commission within the Large-Scale Integrating Project EPISTOP (Grant Agreement No. 602391; and partially supported by the Polish Ministerial funds for science (years 2013–2019) for the implementation of international co-financed project”.
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      • Prevention of Epileptogenesis—A New Goal for Epilepsy Therapy
        Pediatric NeurologyVol. 51Issue 6
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          Progress in epilepsy treatment in last decades of the twentieth century included a number of new antiepileptic drugs that were expected to reduce the number of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. However, it soon became obvious that, in spite of the improving safety of antiepileptic treatment, the efficacy of new agents was not much better than the old drugs. The number of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy decreased little, and their outcome has not been improved.
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